10 Years Service

This year we celebrated 10 years working with two key staff members.

Blair Gray and Chris Furneaux both joined our practice in 2004 – Blair whilst completing his technical diploma, and Chris after graduating with an honours degree in Building Science.

Both have gained extensive experience over the decade. Blair has continued to specialise as a CAD technician, working on both residential and commercial projects. Chris’ skills span architectural design, documentation and more recently, project management.

Blair says: “The last 10 years working for this company have been so rewarding. Being given the chance to work on a variety of projects from a very small wine cellar to a multimillion dollar rest home renovation and everything in between means every day is a new and exciting challenge. Seeing the happiness we bring to the client once the project is finished makes it all the more worthwhile.”

Chris says: “The wide variety of project types from residential projects, to fitouts, to commercial building additions, has kept the last 10 years interesting, but having a good friendly team also helps. The culture of knowledge sharing in the office has also allowed me to grow my skills and abilities. The team environment for the formation of Architecture that I have been part of in this office is expressive of the fact that Architecture is a social Art, and that we all bring something different to the table. With no two problems being the same, it means there is always a new puzzle to work on every day."

We think that such loyal service deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated.