25 Years

October 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of Director John Wright setting up practice in Wellington, after 9 years working for others. In 2011 the firm became Wright & Gray Architects Ltd as we know it today.

The past quarter-century has seen remarkable changes in the technology we use to design and draw our buildings. Over the 34-year span of John’s career we have moved from drawing boards and pencils to digital media (although John swears he will never part with his drawing board!).

The regulatory environment has become far more complex and prescriptive, which for architects of John’s generation can sometimes feel like a straightjacket.

Reflecting on what has made for a successful and enduring practice, John says:

“People first and foremost. Many clients have come back to us time and again, and with some the relationship goes back more than 20 years. We have capable and loyal staff and a great bookkeeper and accountant! My co-director Travis has been the most supportive, talented and steady business partner I could ever have hoped for.”

In the next phase of the life of our practice, John will focus on mentoring our emerging younger practitioners. He also looks forward to opportunities to help address the housing crisis in New Zealand.