Classic Contemporary

“We have moved into our home and it is divine! I am in love with it!” - Owners

This house in the Hutt Valley built by Peryer Construction WGTN Ltd is a great example of how the team at Wright & Gray Architects go to great lengths to consider the relative siting of a house and its relationship to the surrounding environment. Large historic oak trees threatened to consume all sunlight, if this house was not designed to counteract existing conditions. After rigorous computer sun studies on our CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software and consultations with the client, we developed this house to optimise its position on site to take full advantage of the available sun during all seasons. These initial studies were integrated within the client brief, helping to inform the initial shape of the house. We continued to use the sun study throughout the varying stages of the design process, as it provided a logic for the overall spatial arrangement of the house, as well as placement of doors, windows, skylights and outdoor areas. The net result has been a very happy client and an enjoyable house that makes sense upon its site.

See the completed project here

Shown below is a selection of stills from a sun study used in the design process:





Peryer_House.jpgMorning sun


On-site during construction