Earthquake Strengthening

Many of our commercial and healthcare projects incorporate earthquake strengthening of existing buildings. Typically, the structural work is only part of the total scope, and is readily integrated with the other work. Recently, we have been able to add a lot of value to several projects where the earthquake strengthening was the main driver.

Director Travis Gray explains:

“We have seen some Building Owners learn the hard way that at least 50% of the real construction costs of these projects may be architectural in nature. If this is not planned ahead, the work on site will be inefficient. Owners will be exposed to delays and unpredictable building and consultant costs that are all avoidable.

In one example we saved a client a very large sum of money, and avoided major disruption to his tenants, by guiding a consultant at an early stage to rethink their conceptual design to eliminate multiple unnecessary high cost non-structural work.

In another example, we prepared thorough scoping drawings that detailed work to partitioning, ceilings, building services, waterproofing and other non-structural elements. The work on site was completed on time and with minimal cost variations. The client investment in our fees, was much less than the likely true costs had this work been done on an ad-hoc basis. 

Each strengthening project is completely different from the next and presents many complex challenges. We offer specialist Architectural services in tandem with Project Management whether we are heading a team of consultants or part of a consultant team offering co-ordinated advice.”

If your commercial building requires earthquake strengthening, please contact us. The earlier we can be involved, the more money we can potentially save you.