We often work with owners of older houses in Wellington inner suburbs, who value their location and the advantages they offer over apartments. Typically, these houses suffer from poor internal layouts, unsympathetic alterations, lack of insulation or heating, worn-out kitchens and bathrooms and a long list of deferred maintenance.

This project was no exception. Within a carefully managed budget, the house was reconfigured and renovated to an ‘apartment alternative’ brief. Wright & Gray Architects Ltd added value for the owners at every stage:

  • Early review of alternative concepts and budget advice
  • Resource consent
  • Detailed design and co-ordination with kitchen and bathroom designer and landscape architect
  • Tendering and oversight of the project during construction

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We firmly believe that we give you the greatest value at the earliest stage of any project. The first decisions have the biggest impact on the cost and ultimate success. With renovations, getting good objective and early advice about the condition of your house and the likely cost of work, is critical.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your renovation project – even before you buy that house.