Apartment in the Suburbs

Design and detail makes the most of limited space


"Early feedback on costs for an ambitious brief, helped the owners of this home set realistic priorities. Creative design flair made the most of unused space"

Wright & Gray Architects Ltd take seriously the budget constraints that our clients have to work with. This project designed by Travis Gray, is a good example of how we manage value for our clients. After being given an ambitious brief, we gave early feedback on costs that helped the owners to set priorities without wasting time or money. We agreed together to design a smaller, more affordable project.

The challenge was then to make the best possible use of the available space. The main idea was that the house would become an 'apartment alternative'. The owners would be able to enjoy a compact, open, flexible and light space while still having some separation from neighbours.

The result shows how well modern design can mix happily with traditional detail. The exposed and carefully detailed steel frame marks the line between living and dining areas, where a brick wall was removed. Skylights were used to flood the space with light. The compact bathroom was refurbished with modern fittings and finishes set against a traditional 'brick' tiling pattern.

The owners say:

"We are absolutely delighted with the result of our renovation with Wright & Gray Architects Ltd. Having a small 1920’s villa, space was an issue. However with Travis’ creativity, we ended up with a considerably more efficient use of the spaces and gained additional storage which was a real bonus. We retained the external character and now have an interior that is contemporary, light, spacious and warm. We love it!"