North & South


The site was the garden of the owners original house. Like all properties in the locality, it has harbour views to the south, with both sun and the prevailing wind from the north. Strict height covenants applied, in addition to the normal Council planning restrictions. The site slopes a full storey toward the south.

The house is designed for comfort and low energy use. Features include:

  • Solar hot water heating
  • A suspended concrete upper floor, to provide thermal mass and passive solar storage
  • In-slab, reticulated water central heating
  • High levels of insulation to roof and walls
  • Thermally broken window frames with varying glazing specifications for different orientations
  • Careful design of orientation and glazing to maximise passive solar benefits and minimise heat loss
  • LED lighting throughout

The cost plan for the house allowed for these features from the concept stage, to ensure that they would not be compromised, and we were very pleased to deliver the finished house within the original budget.

The principal spaces are contained within an “L” plan, set on an angle to the boundaries to align comfortably with neighbouring houses and to create long views within the side to gardens on the north and south sides. This form has a monopitch roof following the slope of the site and catching sun from the north through clerestory windows. On the north side the “L” contains a single-sided, extensively glazed ‘gallery’ and entry. A tall ‘garden room’ of contrasting form separates the entrance area from a more private, north facing courtyard.

The lower level is ICF blockwork with a plastered finish, which is matched on the EIFS cladding to the upper level. Both provide high levels of insulation. The ‘garden room’, deck and ensuite are clad in vertical ‘STC900’ profiled metal, which was able to be curved at corners as desired. The same material clads the tilting garage door, which flows seamlessly into the adjoining wall cladding.

The interior detailing and finishes go beyond simple to ‘minimal’ – which requires great care in detailing and construction. There are no architraves to doors or windows, and a ‘negative’ skirting detail. The curved gallery ceiling seamlessly meets the curved walls. Floors are ground and polished concrete, with proprietary leather flooring to the kitchen-dining-living space.  The stair is a stained oak timber ‘waterfall’ design with a frameless glass balustrade.

A comprehensive landscaping plan will next be implemented, to complement the house and realise the potential of the outdoor spaces.

Builder – Northface Construction Ltd

Structural Engineer – SpencerHolmes

Landscape Architect – Moorhead & Newdick Landscape Architects