CCDHB Specialty Services

Interior Fitout


This project entailed the reconfiguration and revitalisation of the entire ground floor of Life Centre, for the Capital and Coast District Health Board Specialty Services (Child & Adolescent, Addictions, Psychogeriatric) Mental Health, Addictions and Intellectual Disability Directorate.

Although the project had a limited budget, the use of colour within the interior provides a vibrant facelift and an overall visual coherency to an otherwise complex plan. The outcome and integration of colour into the overall scheme is bright, friendly, lively and playful but possesses a certain sophistication as a reflection of modernist minimalism. The colour design is practical, inspired by abstract ideas relating to the tenant’s profession and varied clients.

The random combination of vertical colour strips provide visual identification for locating oneself within the building; aiding in wayfinding and providing legibility of space around circulation routes. The arrangement of colours through circulation routes is configured so that each ‘journey’ through the building has an array of the secondary colour palette; the intention being that no colour combination through each ‘viewport’ is repeated. This provides a fresh experience with every route taken. As a result, rhythmic arrangement invites an inhabitant ahead to a focal destination beyond.